Week 3

I feel I have made good progress this week! I have been researching into (and ordered) some jesmonite, which is a plaster/acrylic polymer material that is long lasting outdoors. There are so many different types/finishes, so I have just ordered a starter pack to begin with and fingers crossed it has a nice effect. Excited to try it out next week! 

This week as been mostly spent working hard on my collage pieces, broadening my form knowledge and developing my techniques. I have used tacit knowledge to make marks, explore forms, apply colour and create different patterns. The majority of the week I have spent developing these shapes, but as of yet no collages have emerged. They are currently happily sat in my colourful patterned box. 

collage in a box.jpg
Colourful blobs in a colourful box

I have also been painting and glazing my small sculptures. I made some engobes with my coloured pigments to be applied onto a bisque fired surface. They will be fired this weekend so I shall see how it has turned out by next week. 

sculptures .jpg
Painted ceramics

I think both techniques give such a dramatically different finishing. The slip decoration gives a 3D texture in attainable with paint. However, the acrylic is incredibly vibrant and vivid in colour.