Week 4

New engobes

New engobes came this week, they were really nice to use. They gave a really smooth coverage and glued themselves to the ceramics making them easier to handle. The glazes I made previously just crumbled at the touch. Looking forward to firing them and seeing what the colours turn out like!



It Takes a Region to Raise an Artist research publication launch, panel discussion, and social.

I attended a discussion which was really interesting. A lot of the research was unsurprising, in the sense that the majority of artists who participated in the survey had another 1, 2 or 3 jobs to support themselves. The research concluded that more support was needed, particularly for the younger generations.

I am not really sure how this could be resolved though. I imagine it’s difficult to obtain funding for projects which aren’t seen as a ‘financial investment’ even though it is a cultural one. And the funding and opportunities given by organisations is competitive! As part of the debate, it was recognised that the majority of art organisations and initiatives are run by artists themselves.