Week 5

“He’s wearing stripy tights”

This week I have been continuing to work on a new body of collages, playing with different types of papers, textures, colours and shapes! Trying to find a balance in the form is like trying to solve a puzzle…sometimes the pieces fit together and sometimes they just don’t look right. It’s just a matter of perseverance until I am happy with the layout. 

jesmonite .jpg
Mould making

I also have been testing jesmonite to see what types of finishes I can achieve. I first created a plastic vacuum organic form, then mixed and poured the jesmonite with added pigment into the mould. Some interesting textures were achieved. Next week I will be testing how the material responds to a sculptural surface! 

blob .jpg
Scaling up, before firing.

My fired pieces came out of the kiln and I am really happy with how the glazes have turned out, they are so vivid and bright. I have scaled up some of my smaller ceramics and I have been trying different slip application methods!