Week 6

Exciting news!

Milton Keynes Exhibition December 2019 – May 2020

My exhibition proposal has been accepted by Arts for Health Milton Keynes, so I shall be displaying a range of limited edition prints from December – May in Milton Keynes Hospital. 

I am really excited to work with the hospital curator and see the prints in an unconventional exhibition space! I hope it achieves its purpose to provide a joyous moment of distraction for all the people that view it. 


Not such exciting news!

I have been continuing to explore materials which will enable me to display my sculptures outdoors. The jesmonite I ordered is slightly off-white, so when mixed with the coloured pigment, the colour is dull and muted which is not ideal. Another problem I am having is that I need to work with polystyrene to create a supportive core. 

It’s a reductive method, so I am removing the material away to create a shape. My brain is refusing to work that way, so at the moment everything looks slightly clumsy. It also gets EVERYWHERE. Its a horrible material to work with…it also isn’t recyclable which I think is an important factor to think about when choosing your media. 

Work in progress

This weeks ceramics development 

I have been continuing to test different forms, pattern and glaze colours. I intend to begin to scale up my ceramics soon. I am going to wait until next week though and see how these will fire!

Unfired but glazed ceramics

Grace and I also did a top 12 survival list presentation for students going into third year – the hardest and most fun year of university.

Presentation to final year students!