Week 7

Exploring new forms

I have been trying to broaden my form knowledge this weekend looking at seeds, succulents and cacti. I have been using different methods to construct the forms and trying to explore new shapes and scale. I am looking forward to glazing these new sculptures. 

74317729_486599682065398_4988784907225399296_n (1).jpg
Building new sculptural form 
74605544_738311843317180_4852994718683889664_n (1).jpg

Miniture sculptures are fired and out the kiln. I am really happy with the slip colours, they have made a smooth surface and are vivid in colour. I think I may apply a transparent glaze on a few and see if they are more successful when shiny!

75418153_460117194638220_1475259865323536384_n (1).jpg
Fresh out the kiln

Exploring affect through painting

The other half of the week I have been painting, creating artworks which use bold colour, pattern, accumulation, structure and a balance composition to investigate what overall affect this has.