Week 9

Scaling up and mould-making

To develop the sculptural form further, I began to explore new ways of constructing with clay. I made a mould to cast small circular forms from and began to attach them to the sculptural surface creating a new, playful dimension of depth to the aesthetic. Also, by attaching small feet to the base of one of the completed sculptures, brought the form to life, giving creature or animal-like characteristics.

Attaching his spots
One week after drying and bisque firing


Also as an exercise to think about new ways of constructing and to broaden my skill-set, I have begun to learn how to throw on the wheel. I think used correctly, this could be a good method to create multiple parts to attach onto the organic body. Using such a vastly different process than coil building, has taken me out of my comfort zone by restricting the form and enabled me to potentially add a satisfying symmetry in some elements of my work. Symmetry is one the aesthetics that can be used to create the effect of joy.

Thrown vessels

Group Tutorials

I helped out in group tutorials this week, it always amazes me the broad spectrum of interests that people are exploring across the course. I had an interesting question about my work which was ‘what happens if you come to the studio and you aren’t feeling happy, does your work change’. I know that some days I feel more motivated than others but I realised that my own personal well-being doesn’t affect the outcome of my work.