MTC Exhibition


The entirety of this week was spent glazing the first sculpture. Such a lengthy task and incredibly time consuming. I am hoping the outcome will reflect the time gone in to it and achieve all the qualities I have spent the past 6 months developing!

Glazing the sculpture

Joyful Vases 

The joyful vase range are out of the kiln and I am really happy with the colour schemes and finishes. It always difficult with glazing to envisage the colours when painting as they are so vastly different. I have found by digitally creating colour schemes it creates a clearer image. However, the glaze always responds differently due to the underlying colour, so it never turns out exactly the same!

Joyful Vases

Visual Impact, Manufacturing Technology Centre

The Manufacturing Technology Centre had an exhibition again this year. This is the fourth year exhibiting there! It was great to be back (as that is where I did my placement year) and see all the great artwork being exhibited!

Visual Impact, Manufacturing Technology Centre