Week 15 – Learning a new skill

Developing functional objects

Being accepted for the 2020 Charnwood ceramics fair I have begun to develop a product range of functional objects which can be sold alongside my organic and biomorphic sculptures. These will be decorated with the same patterns and colours I have developed in my practice. I have been trying to learn how to throw not just to make vases, bowls etc but as a new method of making which can be adapted to the sculptures.

Hand thrown vases


The decided glaze

A new set of test tiles came out the kiln and finally I am happy with the glaze. It is not too shiny but very vibrant in colour, all the characteristics I was searching for! These tiles will be used to inform the colour combinations for my sculptural works.

Colourful tiles


Decorating mobiles

I have also been decorating the mobiles this week! I tried to broaden my pattern spectrum by looking at exotic plants, particularly succulents and cacti. I find not drawing directly from the plants enables me to free up the drawing process, making it less restrictive and more exploratory inn nature.

Mobile pile