Throwing Week

This week I dedicated every day to practicing throwing. It was great to get really stuck in and focus solely on one thing! I have been learning a lot about the boundaries of the clay: how far I can push it until it collapses or how wet the clay can be when turning and shaving! I have also been experimenting with the form itself, creating different widths and movements of the shoulders, neck and lip. The image shows this weeks outcome, however this is only a fraction of the pots thrown, the rest didn’t make the cut! All the clay is recycled within the university so nothing that isn’t fired goes to waste!

All shapes and sizes 


Turning the bottom
Exploring different patterns in glaze

ABF Review…

This has been by far the busiest week since starting the ABF programme, with the fellowship review on Thursday, the CVAN takeover Monday – Saturday and lectures to the third year students…it has been non-stop! It was great to put the sculptures and paintings into a gallery setting and give the work space to be observed individually. The experience made me aware of how the ‘multiplicity’ aesthetic is incredibly poignant to my work as I felt due to the vastness of the space, there was an unwelcoming spareness within the installation set-up. It also really told a story of both how myself and Grace have developed over the last 6 months! For myself I feel I have really developed my ceramic process, skills and glaze knowledge, I hope the next 6 months brings lots more development!

The lecture to the third years went well! It felt quite strange talking about my own practice for half an hour, I had the worlds driest mouth by the end of it! We had a lot of positive feedback though and I will be giving the same lecture to the first years next week!  

Artist Benevolent Fund Review 
Artist Benevolent Fund Review 
Artist Benevolent Fund Review 
Artist Benevolent Fund Review

CVAN East Midlands Take Over 

I was invited to take over CVAN’s Instagram this week. It was a great experience and enabled me to tap into a whole new audience for feedback and created the opportunity to connect with artists within my own region! If you haven’t already, head over and have a look at the wide variety of other talented artists which all have such varying practices. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 19.49.42.png
CVAN Instagram

Week 16 – MTC Exhibition


The entirety of this week was spent glazing the first sculpture. Such a lengthy task and incredibly time consuming. I am hoping the outcome will reflect the time gone in to it and achieve all the qualities I have spent the past 6 months developing!

Glazing the sculpture

Joyful Vases 

The joyful vase range are out of the kiln and I am really happy with the colour schemes and finishes. It always difficult with glazing to envisage the colours when painting as they are so vastly different. I have found by digitally creating colour schemes it creates a clearer image. However, the glaze always responds differently due to the underlying colour, so it never turns out exactly the same!

Joyful Vases

Visual Impact, Manufacturing Technology Centre

The Manufacturing Technology Centre had an exhibition again this year. This is the fourth year exhibiting there! It was great to be back (as that is where I did my placement year) and see all the great artwork being exhibited!

Visual Impact, Manufacturing Technology Centre 



Week 16 – Revisiting work


I came across a small box absolutely brimming with collage pieces I made at the beginning of the semester. They were paste papers so had a very different quality to the watercolours I had previously used to make collages and don’t really work. However, I began playing with different compositions and I found that the pieces displayed individually whilst still accompanying one another was complimentary to each piece.

A1 paste paper blobs


Joyful Vases

I spent the rest of the week making my final large sculpture and decorating the miniature vases in preparation for the ceramics fair! You can never be too organised with ceramics because it is such a long process! This vase will be fired 3 times… a bisque firing, then one for glazing the outside and one for glazing the inside due to the glazes being different temperatures!

Glazing process


Week 15 – Learning a new skill

Developing functional objects

Being accepted for the 2020 Charnwood ceramics fair I have begun to develop a product range of functional objects which can be sold alongside my organic and biomorphic sculptures. These will be decorated with the same patterns and colours I have developed in my practice. I have been trying to learn how to throw not just to make vases, bowls etc but as a new method of making which can be adapted to the sculptures.

Hand thrown vases


The decided glaze

A new set of test tiles came out the kiln and finally I am happy with the glaze. It is not too shiny but very vibrant in colour, all the characteristics I was searching for! These tiles will be used to inform the colour combinations for my sculptural works.

Colourful tiles


Decorating mobiles

I have also been decorating the mobiles this week! I tried to broaden my pattern spectrum by looking at exotic plants, particularly succulents and cacti. I find not drawing directly from the plants enables me to free up the drawing process, making it less restrictive and more exploratory inn nature.

Mobile pile

Week 14 – Paper Stretching and Ceramic Tiles

Paper painting and stretching

I wanted to make colourful and vibrant mobiles to suspend from the ceiling as an installation which could be walked under. I used thick watercolour paper to paint on, however, completely saturating it caused the paper to warp. I decided to learn how to stretch paper, a simple process which can prevent this buckling. This process involves taping the paper to a flat surface and saturating with water and allowing to dry before painting. I was really happy with how the watercolour paint and acrylic inks dispersed across the paper.

Painted stretched paper


Colourful tiles

The tiles came out of the kiln and I am really happy with the vibrancy and intricacy which the glazes achieve! I am going to do more tests of the glaze next week without a matte glaze on the top to see if it effects the shine and colour!


Colourful tiles


Two of three sculptures 

I have made a target of three large sculptures to create before the end of March. They will be constructed using the same process, aiming to be complimentary of one another but still exploring various forms. I have decided to return to the smooth form as the ‘clay lumps’ which I attached on the first sculpture were too separate and alien to the form, they created an uncomfortableness.

Fired vs Unfired 

Week 13

Busy week making this week! Started making one of the larger scale ceramic sculptures which I hope to make a group of. Took the best part of 4 days to complete which was much slower than I has anticipated!


Test Tiles

I have also been decorating tiles to test my new glazes on! I have been testing how much detail I can achieve by using various different brushes and application techniques! I shall be finishing these off next week and seeing the results!


Glazed ceramics out the kiln! Very pleased with this outcome! The layers of glazes that I had built up worked really well!



Week 12

Building Biomorphic Forms  
I began to coil build a large sculpture. I started with a wobbly shaped base and this made the form more interesting and less spherical. I also decided not to add the lumps onto this one as I felt it would be good to see if the sculpture is more effective without. I also have been researching different glazes and I believe I have found the resolution to the matte/shiny/colourful problem. The only set back is that the glazes I require are sadly quite a lot more expensive, however I have ordered a set and shall see if they are worth the investment!

Coil built sculpture 

Suspending Sculpture
I also spent the week making small wooden pieces with the idea to make an, installation which is a collection of colourful organic shapes. I was really happy with the results and I am going to explore other woods which could be used to cut and possibly see if I could reduce the making time by getting them layer cut.

Making wooden mobile blobs