Hello! My name is Emily and I am the artist behind Emily Hett Art! I create playful and vibrant artworks inspired by nature across a range of media including ceramics, painting and public sculpture. My aim is to make uplifting artworks which spark a moment of joy in the viewer; from festivals to within the private setting of your home!

After changing from one degree in colouring (geography) to another, I decided to pursue my passion for art and studied a 4 year Fine Art course at Loughborough University!

After graduating and completing a one year fellowship in partnership with Loughborough University and the Artists Benevolent Fund, I set about creating my cosy home studio (aka glamped up shed full of things that inspire me). With funding from the Arts Council at the start of Covid, I managed to get all the equipment to make and fire ceramics at home and I have been stuck in mud ever since!  

My days are spent either in my studio designing and creating whilst listening to an outrageous amount of podcasts and belting out musicals! OR I will be on-site working on exciting projects with a little less singing (currently I am painting huge blocks for Culture Coventry so do come ad say hello if you’re in the area)!

In the small about of time I am not creating or thinking about creating, I love gardening, walking, the sunshine and spending time in Manchester with the family, all which can be improved with a lovely cup of tea!


If you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch!