Artist on my street

Artist on my Street

As part of Culture Coventry 2021, Artist on my Street is a project run by Coventry Artspace that commissions local artists to create work for Coventry communities. As one of the artist selected, I was tasked with creating a window display for the Coventry Building Society in Binley. 

A Magical Utopia

Combing the patterns from the local community, the design is vibrant, playful, and designed to transform the canvas of the window into a magical utopia, to be enjoyed by the community and any one who passes by.

The Design Inspiration

The patterns were inspired by the unsuspected beauty of the architecture of some of the homes and buildings in Binley. I was particularly drawn to the Victorian terraces that had old tiled porches and floral patterns carved into the stone of the fronts of the houses. Some of the avenues in Binley were lined with lots of different types of trees such as conifers, holly, beech, and they were absolutely filled with singing birds. You can see the leaves and foliage emerging in some of the blobs!