Charnwood Arts Associate artist

Charnwood Arts

As one of the Artist associates for Charnwood Arts, I am delivering workshops and collaborating on exciting projects to engage the community and support wellbeing as part of the 5 year Charnwood Forest Landscape Partnership Scheme.

What is the partnership scheme exactly?

The scheme “will promote awareness and understanding of the importance of Charnwood Forest through geological conservation, habitat restoration, improvements to connections between sites for visitors, creating innovative interpretation, outdoor learning opportunities for young people and adults, and a five-year programme of cultural and heritage activities and events”.

The workshops

As part of the project we have delivered clay workshops to various groups including Age Uk’s Men and Women in the Shed and Young Careers. The series of workshops explore different hand building techniques and an introduction to various slip and glaze decorating methods. Foraged flora and fauna are used to take inspiration from or to create imprinted patterns in the clay. The workshops are designed to combine nature with creativity to create a positive atmosphere where people feel comfortable to learn, explore new materials and most importantly, have fun! 

The Charnwood Tree Design

The Charnwood Tree was inspired by microscopic imagery of slices of the rocks from Charnwood Forest. It was painted live at the 800th year anniversary of the Loughborough Market and will be used at each future Charnwood event! 

Photographs by Charnwood Arts