Coventry Street interventions

Street Painting Coventry

Coventry City Council wanted to create a series of street interventions to bring fun and joy to the people of Coventry, and it was such a privilege to be a part of the project!

Why concrete blocks?

The concrete blocks were placed throughout the city as barriers to prevent vehicles from damaging buildings or encroaching on pedestrianised areas. Dull and concrete grey, they were in need of a spruce up! Located outside the wave and scattered along the walk way, I painted seven of the 2 x1.2 x 0.9m blocks….

The Design

The area outside The Wave had been recently renovated with a new playground and seating area (and a really fun fountain). The design reflected the organic smooth forms used in the street furniture whilst the colour schemes were taken from the slide park inside the Wave. The fun and free nature of the design aimed to create a welcoming space, where children and adults can feel safe to play, explore and enjoy.

The blocks even made an appearance in the Coventry observer and the Coventry Telegraph

Also a member of the community used his love of videoing to put together a small (but brilliant) video of the blocks….