Hetty’s Home Art

Welcome to Hetty’s Home Art! I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Over the coming weeks I am going to be posting free drawings for people to download, print off and colour in and I also will be doing some art tutorials for everyone to keep busy and get creative at home! I am going to attempt a drawing/task a day (but we will see how that goes) and hopefully I will be getting other artists involved as well!


Thank you to LUARTS at Loughborough University for allowing me to share this drawing with you which was created for the Mindfulness Colouring Book. The book was handed out across campus to students to: help lower stress and anxiety, enable the brain to enter a meditative state when colouring, achieve mindfulness, make creativity accessible to everybody and unplug from technology!

I hope you enjoy colouring it! If you’re feeling wild (and depending on your printers ink) you could print it on a thicker paper and attempt to paint it!


Blob World

Download the full PDF version: Blobs Everywhere Drawing


Wibble Wobble

Download the full PDF version: Wibble wobble


Crazy Hat Lady

Download the full PDF version: Crazy Hat Lady


Why not be creative and design your own hat!

IMG_0034 2.PNG
Draw your own Crazy hat

Download the full PDF version: Draw your own Crazy Hat Lady


Shoal of fish

Download the full PDF version: Shoal of fish


Happy Easter

Download the full PDF version: Happy Easter


Tweetledee and Tweetledum

Download the full PDF version: Tweetledee and Tweetledum


A Stack of Blobs

Download the full PDF version: A Stack of Blobs




Thank you Alice Knibbs for the drawings! I hope you enjoy her floral patterns and inspirational quotes!

Drawings by alice knibbs.png
Drawings by Alice Knibbs

Download the full PDF version:
Flowers colouring
Dreams colouring
Plant your own garden colouring


Thank you @TheOpyreHerd for your marvellous chickens!

Drawing by The Opyre Herd

Download the full PDF version: TheOpyreHerd Chicken