New Leaves Ancient Rocks

New Leaves Ancient Rocks

Buzzing Roots and Charnwood Arts have collaborated on an exciting new project to help to tell the extraordinary story of Charnwood Forest’s geo-heritage and natural habitat, which still remains unknown to many locals and visitors. 

A geological journey through time

As part of the project, I collaborated with the Charnwood Forest Geopark team, to combine art and science to create workshops which explored the local landscape and geological history. 

The flag exhibition

Over 100 children and families came to join in the fun – creating their own clay rocks, print making with foraged materials and even mud painting! All their finished artworks were used to make a series of flags which created a public trail through Beacon Hill. Accompanied by the history of Charnwood, the flags take you on a geological journey through time…

After being exhibited at Beacon Hill the flags have now travelled to Broomsbriggs Farm & Windmill Hill do be displayed from 30th April – 1 May. There are even a series of mindfulness walks led by local wellbeing and yoga specialist Parmjit Sagoo! If you would like an afternoon of mindfulness then head over to Buzzing roots to book on. 

“Thanks to everyone who helped to organise the event at Beacon Hill this morning. My granddaughter really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to tell her mum all about it!”


“Wow! What a fantastic morning! The mud painting, the printing with natural objects…fantastic! What a wonderful way to get children engaging with the outdoors. Huge thank you to Emily, Liga and Julie.”

Sienna and Sophie

“Thank you for arranging such a brilliant morning. The girls absolutely loved it! We can’t wait to come and see some of the artwork on display.”


You can listen to more about the project on BBC Radio Leicester! 

You can read more about the project and the history of Charnwood Forest here!