Trinket Dishes

The trinket dishes are a highly decorative stoneware ceramic. Hand built and fired to over 1000 degrees, each ceramic is made in my cosy home studio! The dishes are one of a kind, each a playful organic shape with a hand painted individual pattern.

Postage and Packaging

For details see individual artworks. Expected delivery 2-3 working days (if required sooner then send me an email and I will be happy to help).

Each item is carefully packaged using recyclable material where possible! The artwork comes wrapped in bright colours and in a sturdy box with compostable packers!

Sending the dish as a gift?
Email me with your personalised message and I can add in a gift note free of charge!


How is it made?

First the clay is wedged to remove any air pockets! I then hand build each artwork with its own individual shape! It is then left for 2 weeks to completely dry before being fired to over 1000 degrees. The next step is to hand paint each individual one with brightly coloured glazes. Each design is inspired by patterns found in the natural world including corals, microscopic imagery, shells, rocks and cacti! Once I have the finished piece it is then fired for the final time!


Constellation Trinket Dish



Speckled Trinket Dish



Multicoloured Speckled Trinket Dish

£24.00 +P&P
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